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Boston singing telegram

Your party has started and everything seems to be going pretty well. Your guests are conversing, snacks are being sampled, some laughter and smiles can be seen and heard throughout the room. But you need that extra "something" to kick your festivities up a notch. Then the doorbell rings and you welcome your Boston singing telegram!

A Boston singing telegram is a great way to present a truly memorable and fun party for your entire guest list!

Boston singing telegram provides high quality entertainment

Each Boston singing telegram is like bringing a fantastic stage show to your door! Our Boston singing telegram artists offer routines of song, dance and comedy that will leave all your guests laughing and smiling throughout the festivities.

Imagine the welcome surprise of our Boston singing telegram professionals as they come fully ready to entertain with enthusiasm, talent and prop antics that will leave your guests wanting more!

Our Boston singing telegram performers offer Boston celebrity impersonators and many other productions that are sure to kick any party into high gear.

Boston singing telegram is great for all ages

Our Boston singing telegrams can accommodate any festive gathering. For instance, children cheer with delight when our Boston Santa or Easter bunny show up at their door. Youngsters eagerly join in the song and dance as these kid's costumed characters Boston soon become the leaders of a very enthusiastic band of party guests!

For more mature guests, our singing telegrams cover just about any interest or passion from traditional holiday characters Boston to all-time favorites such as pirates, the grim reaper, and crazy clowns. Each of our singing telegram Boston specialists has designed songs, dances and games that will leave your guests howling with laughter.

Boston singing telegrams are perfect for any occasion

Our Boston singing telegrams are suitable for any event. Businesses benefit immensely from the good will generated by our performers at store promotions, office parties, job promotion celebrations, or retirements. Our Boston celebrity impersonators featuring icons such as "Marilyn" or "Elvis" are always a big draw for crowds.

Learn more and reserve your Boston singing telegram today!

We have your Boston singing telegrams waiting for your next event! To make your reservation, please call:

617-926-7800 or 800-556-2911