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Our actors deliver the ultimate in a singing telegram experience

Neon Pink Gorilla

It’s pretty shocking to have a neon pink gorilla with a huge bouquet of balloons burst into to your 6th period English class to deliver birthday greetings from your grandparents - but it happened to me. Even tho’ I was totally embarrassed, the pink gorilla did a fantastic job of teasing me with his adorable

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Frequently Asked Questions

King Kong has nothing on our delightful Boston Singing Telagram which is ready to make your next party or event truly a spectacular occasion! Each telegram features a larger than life costumed performer who brings their own special appeal to any occasion.

What is a telegram?
A telegram offers a full, stage-ready performance complete with songs, dancing, comedic antics and balloon delivery Boston that will be a sure fire hit at your next party!

Is this good for all occasions?

The spectacle of Boston Singing Telegrams dancing and singing performers brings smiles and plenty of laughter to all guests at any party or occasion. Private functions and wishes such as weddings, graduations, happy anniversaries, get well visits, baby or bridal showers are wonderful opportunities for your very own telegram.

What better way to send off your college graduate into the working world, for example, than with a heavy dose of hilarity from our telegram specialists!

Public events, too, are made even more memorable and exciting with Singing Telegrams and holiday characters. Visitors to street festivals, block parties, county fairs and similar productions fully embrace the eye opening wonder of a Massachusetts telegram singing and dancing their way through the many activities and presentations.

Are your telegrams good for all ages?

No matter what their age, your guests will always be charmed by Boston Singing Telegram courtesy of our premier Massachusetts entertainment agency. These performers in their eye catching suits are always popular with young and old alike.

Youngsters, in particular, are entranced by the sheer, exuberant goofiness of these lovable characters. Just picture the precious memories of your child and their guests jumping, moving and singing with our telegram performers!

Similarly, adults open up to the welcome, silly antics of the actors as these artists heighten good times found at any event.


Boston Singing Telegrams offer professionalism

When welcoming Boston Gorilla gram to your affair, you will benefit from the ultimate party entertainment. These performers have earned considerable respect in their fields and offer the best stage performance possible.

Reserve your Boston Singing Telegram today! We have a Boston Singing Telegram available for your next event! To make your reservation please call our party planners at: